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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


"Mom, why don't you ever hum-itate?"
"Hum-itate? Um, I'm not sure. What is hum-itate?"
"You know, where you close your eyes, hold your hands like this and say, hmmmmmm."
I look over my shoulder to the backseat and see this:
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"You should try it. Sometimes, when you're not looking, I float. But only when you're not looking. Ninjas float all the time when they hum-itate but I'm not a real ninja. (big pause) Yet."

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Getting into the pool  the other day, Sam requested a raft be pushed his way.

"Which one would you like?"

"I want the raft with the stable eyes," pointing to a long, grey raft with lots of little pockets in it.

"Stable eyes, huh? What do they do?"

"Yea, stable eyes.  They keep it from tipping over."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Going for a Ride

The other day we were driving past East Side Lake and a bus of tourists was unloading in the parking lot as someone was getting the Spam Belle ready to launch.  I gestured out the window and commented, "Looks like they are going to take the boat for a ride."

"I don't understand," was Sam's reply.

"There are lots of people in the parking lot and they are getting the boat ready to take it out on the lake for a ride." I said, not really understanding what he didn't understand.

"I see the people and I see the boat, but you don't  take a boat for a ride.  The people are going to ride on the boat."

"Oooooh!" I smiled and had a little laugh. "Yes, Sam, you're right.  They aren't taking the boat for a ride, they are riding ON it.  The boat is taking them for a ride."

"I don't understand why people say ride wrong all the time."

Laughing, I had to agree and give Sam  a point for grammar.  "I guess about the only way you can really take a boat for a ride is if you are pulling it on a trailer."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dream Song

Per Sam's request.

There are no piranhas in Sam's dream, in Sam's dream.
There are no piranhas in Sam's dream, in Sam's dream.
There's a sun and moon and coconut cream pie,
but there are no piranhas in Sam's dream, in Sam's dream.

Thank the Lord, at ALL Times

This morning, while eating breakfast, Sam announced that he need go potty.  "But don't worry!  I already asked the Lord to help me!" he loudly said as he ran for the bathroom.

Upon returning, he told me he thanked the Lord for helping him.

I guess he's taking the at all times thing pretty seriously.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just a Word

Thii is 17 months and is a guy of very few words.  And with 3 big brothers at his beckon call, why wouldn't he be?  Pointing and "Uh!" elicit responses from all 3 big brothers quite well.
 "Mom, I think he's hungry."
"Mom, he needs you."
"Mom, he wants a cookie."
"Mom, he's thirsty."
"Mom, he looks tired."
"Mom, he wants his blanket."
and so forth.
And if that doesn't work, he does know the word "Mom" quite well.  I wonder how that happened???

So imagine my surprise this morning when he picked up a toy gun in the garage, pointed it directly at me and said "Die."  Yes, die.  Clear as day.

I guess Thii's been watching and listening to kids at daycare because I've taught my boys to NEVER aim guns at people and NEVER say things like "die."  Yup, that's gotta be it.  It couldn't have come from the brothers...

Before you start judging me, remember my last post?  The one where I started off with,
you know I have 4 boys right???   I tried keeping toy guns away from my kids.  They just made everything else into a gun.  I tried keeping them out of the house, the garage is a good compromise.  I tried teaching them not to aim at people, they wait till I'm not looking.  Sigh.  I tired.  I really, really did.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I Have Something To Tell You

I have a friend who says I should preface every story I tell with, "You know I have 4 boys right?"  There is so much truth to this that I sometimes think I should wear a sticker that reads, "Hello! My name is Mom of 4 boys."  You know for those days where I know I showered SOMETIME this week, my hair is in a ponytail because I don't have time to run a comb through it, I was lucky enough to get deodorant on but the idea of makeup is simply ludicrous and I somehow managed to get dressed in my "good" yoga pants.  And I forgot to mention the snot on my shoulder, something in my hair besides my hair elastic, a questionable smudge on my shirt and bags under my eyes.  Needless to say, I rarely feel attractive and I never feel glamorous.  There are days where I can feel downright repulsive.

It was on one of these such days that I was home with not 1, not 2, but 3 sick kiddos.  I spent a large amount of time rocking a feverish baby, wiping a preschoolers nose and giving neb treatments to a 1st grader.  When the 5 year old started in with, "Mom, Mama, Mommy,"  I took a deep breath and did my best to keep it together.

"Yes, dear?"

"I have something to tell you..."

"And what is that?"

He climbed up on the arm of the chair where I was rocking his baby brother, leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "I just wanted to tell you, (pause), you are beautiful!" 

Sure, the words are sweet, but the squeeze around my neck and ear to ear smile that accompanied it made me believe it.  

You see Moms, you ARE beautiful.  Despite what the mirror, magazines and yourself might say, you ARE beautiful.  And it isn't despite the shower, yoga pants and messy hair.  No, in fact, these very things are part of what make you beautiful because they are part of who you are.  You are Mom, Mama, Mommy. You are the rocker of feverish babies, the wiper of noses, the one who's kiss can heal and soothe better than any medicine.  And to your child, your husband, the grandparents of your children, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  

I try hard and pray often that God will help me to see and love others the way He does.  Thank you God for using my sniffly 5 year old to help me see a glimpse of myself in that same way.